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Save money with energy efficient LED lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Our Clients

We pride ourselves with our premier level service, and we know that our clients feel the same. We’ve served companies ranging from startups to fortune 500 giants, whose brand names are known nation-wide.

💬 Initial Consultation

Your Abaco Lighting representative will discuss the goals of your project and review technology, incentives, and lighting needs of your facility. These initial guidelines will become the basis for our recommendations and proposal.

📐 FREE Lighting Audit

A full inventory of the existing lighting in the building is taken at this time. Important criteria such as desired foot candle levels, voltages and areas that are candidates for occupancy sensors are all noted. Environmental factors such as moisture and heat are also considered. The existing system information will be the basis for our calculation of existing system wattage.

💡 Lighting Design

To ensure that foot candle goals are met prior to the installation of the new lighting system, our team will provide a lighting layout using photo metric software to show what light levels can be expected after the project is complete.

💸 ROI Analysis

The majority of energy-efficient lighting projects are based on a return on investment. Our team will compare the existing lighting system with our proposed system and deliver a complete energy and financial analysis of the project. We will show return on investments that include utility rebates, federal tax incentives, maintenance savings, and HVAC savings.

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Ideal tubes for replacing any current T5HO for use with existing ballast. Abaco Lighting’s  SAF-TLED, uses thermal break technology which prevents tubes from overheating. Patented “Thermal Break Technology” ensures safer installation and eliminates potential fire hazard.


Abaco Lighting has saved millions of dollars through our hassle free turn key lighting solutions.

Wading through the myriad retrofit lighting options can be a daunting task, fortunately for our clients, we’ve already done the dirty work. Making use of our lighting expertise we’ve selected the best performing and highest efficacy commercial and industrial light fixtures. Our turnkey solutions have saved hundreds of research hours and millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs.

We’ll make your next lighting project as easy as screwing in a light bulb.