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LED Parking Garage Lighting Considerations

LED lighting is a popular choice for parking garages due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements. When considering LED parking garage lighting, there are several factors to take into account: Brightness: The lighting should be bright enough to ensure visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians. The recommended minimum luminance levels [...]

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Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Food Processing

Energy-efficient LED lighting is a great option for food processing facilities, as it can provide many benefits, including cost savings and increased productivity. Here are some tips for using energy-efficient LED lighting in food processing: Choose high-quality LED fixtures: Make sure the LED fixtures you choose are high-quality and designed for industrial use. Look for [...]

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Classified Lighting for Industrial Applications

Classified lighting is a type of lighting that is specifically designed for use in hazardous locations where there is a risk of explosion or fire due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dust. Industrial applications such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and manufacturing facilities often require classified lighting to ensure the safety [...]

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Available Incentives and Utility Rebates to Switch to LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting can have many benefits, including reducing energy consumption, lowering electricity bills, and improving the quality and longevity of lighting. In addition to these benefits, there are often incentives and utility rebates available that can help offset the cost of upgrading to LED lighting. Some of these incentives and rebates include: Federal [...]

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Increase the Value of Your Building with LED Lighting

Cost savings: Energy-efficient lighting, such as LED lights, can reduce the amount of energy used to light your building, resulting in lower electricity bills. This can be attractive to potential buyers or renters who are looking for ways to reduce their expenses. Environmental benefits: Energy-efficient lighting reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce the carbon [...]

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*SHATTER* - The sound hits your ears and you're confronted with a PR nightmare. Those cheap LED tubes you chose have overheated and burst, showering employees with sharp glass and starting a fire! Don't let this happen to you. Abaco Lighting's SAFT-LED Linear Tubes use patented "Thermal Break Technology" that prevents them from overheating. This [...]

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